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Bowen for YOU


Bowen treats the whole body, therapists treat without reference to a specific disease and do not claim to cure, diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medication. 

The practitioner uses fingers and thumbs on precise points of the body and a rolling action is applied over the soft tissue. This affects muscles, tendons, nerves and fascia (connective tissue). During the treatment there are intervals when the body is left to rest, this allows it to absorb the information given in the gentle moves. This allows for fine adjustments within the body to take place.

The experience of a treatment is gentle, subtle and very relaxing, which makes Bowen so unique. There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue (bones) and no insertion of needles. For humans the treatment is carried out through light clothing and it is suitable for ANY age of person!!   

Conditions which respond well to the Bowen Technique:

Digestive Problems                              Hay Fever

Headache / Migraine                           Tennis Elbow

Neck Problems / Whiplash                    Nausea

Frozen Shoulder                                  Pelvic Pain

Bronchial / Respiratory Problems          Groin Strain

RSI / Carpal Tunnel                             IBS / Kidney Problems

Back Sprain / Strains                          Sports injuries

Sciatica                                              Hamstring & Knee Problems

Ankle / Foot Problems                         Joint Problems

Muscle Pain                                        Water Retention

Depression         Chronic Fatigue          MS, ME, PMT



Qualified & Insured to Treat Humans, Horses & Dogs

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