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Welcome to Balance, Stability and Pain Free Living brought to you, your horse and your dog using the Bowen Technique Therapy.
The Bowen Technique is a simple remedial muscle manipulation therapy treating not just the symptoms but the body as a whole. By addressing the central nervous system, it stimulates the circulation and lymphatic systems removing toxins, releasing muscle spasm and aiding the body to re-align itself.
Sarah-Ann Stoker is a mobile practitioner covering North East England, she is qualified to treat humans, horses and dogs.
Please browse through the pages within this site to gain more information on this remarkable therapy.
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If your Club, Group, Yard would be interested in learning more about this type of therapy and what Sarah-Ann could offer you, then please get in touch as informative talks, demo's etc can be arranged to suit your needs whether its for humans, horses or dogs.


Qualified & Insured to Treat Humans, Horses & Dogs

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